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Top Thomas and Friends Videos

How many engines and characters do you know in the Thomas the Tank Engine series? What do you know about them? How did they originally come to the Island of Sodor? There is a story behind each of the characters and each of them bring their own personality, baggage and idiosyncrasies and have to learn to work together with the rest of the team. Thomas teaches about the importance of teamwork and the importance of friendship.

Thomas and Friends The Greatest Stories (Two-Disc Special Edition) is a special DVD which contains a selection of 20 of the best episodes since it began. Thomas and his friends will capture the imagination of your child and they will enter into the world of Thomas on the Island of Sodor, as the characters come to life.

Thomas and his friends are portrayed to have similar issues as young children, and this is a fantastic way for young children to learn about relationships and getting along with other people. They watch first hand how to say sorry and thankyou when needed, how to listen and understand the other engines. Here you will learn something of the characters and what makes them unique.

Thomas and Friends Curious Cargo is an exciting four episode set, the first one focusing on the wildest adventures of Thomas and his friends. Here they are asked to bring wild animals to the Island of Sodor’s Wildlife Center. From birds to giraffes, their task is to bring all these creatures to the center safely. This is combined with the episodes Thomas’ Tall Friend, Percy’s New Friends, Toby and Bash and Big Bell. A combinated of upbeat and cheerful episodes that young children love to watch.

Harold The Helicopter, nicknamed the Whirlybird, is good natured and very useful when he is flying. He loves being part of the search and rescue team and always happy to keep a watchful eye on his friends.

Originally called Falcon, his name was changed to Sir Handel when he first came to the Island of Sodor. Sir Handel is one of the oldest engines, and likes to think that he is the boss.

When he doesn’t get his way he can be bad tempered and have tantrums. He often had trouble staying on the track until a pair of special wheels with broad tyres were made for him.

There is only one plane on the Island of Sodor and his name is Jeremy. He is a jolly plane and thinks more of himself than he should. He considers himself better than the trains because he can do things that engines can’t, but has a blind eye when it comes to the things that he can’t do. However, when it comes to the crunch, he works well with the trains, doing his part.

Thomas and Friends Hero of the Rails is a fun, action packed movie.  A huge silver engine, called Spencer, is visiting on the Island of Sodor, and has come to help build a summer house. Boastful Thomas thinks he can compete with this large engine and ends up crashing.  That’s when Thomas finds a new friend, an old and worn out engine who has been abandoned and is ready for the scrap heap.

Can the engines really work together? Can they help their new friend or is all hope lost?

This is one of the best Thomas and his friends episodes, and if you know of a little Thomas engineer, then it is not to be missed.

Iron Bert and Iron Arry are identical, except one difference, Iron Bert has a beard.  Both of these engines work in the scrap yards and consider themselves better than the steam engines.

James the Red Engine is one of the popular engines on the Island of Sodor. He is medium sized and considers himself to be a splendid engine. This thinking often leads him into trouble as he often thinks he is better than the work he is given.

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