Riley and Mema

Riley and Mema

I love having fun with my grandsons, so much for them to experience and learn.


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Thomas the Train Toys

Thomas and his friends brings smiles, fun and laughter to young children. Thomas is a fun place for children as they watch the trains and characters interact with each other, as they bump into each other physically and emotionally, and how they deal with these emotions. Children watch as the characters work through their differences, their problems and their frustrations and forge friendships. Children learn by example, and this is a fun way for children to learn about friendship, teamwork and care for self and others. Here are some fun toys that will encourage your children on their journey with Thomas and his friends.

Thomas the Train: Follow Me Thomas is a fun toy for preschoolers. When your little engineer turns the lantern on and points it to the floor, it will guide the way for Thomas to follow. Keep moving the lantern and Thomas will keep following. Now you can take Thomas with you wherever you go, just keep the light from the lantern in front of Thomas, and your preschooler will have so much fun having Thomas the Tank Engine follow him.


Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – James the Red Engine

James is the bright red engine with gold stripes and carries the number 5. James is a proud engine and considers himself better than the other engines. He can, at times, be vain and boastful. It was only after he had been been stuck and needed to be rescued by Diesel, was he prepared to apologise and admit that Diesel’s weren’t too bad. It wasn’t an easy lesson for him. Although James can pull both passenger and freight cars, he prefers to pull passenger cars.


100 Piece Wooden Train Track Pack

This wooden train track pack, is fully compatible with the Thomas & Friends wooden railway system,  and is made by Right Track. These train tracks fit with all major brands of trains and track. This package contains one hundred pieces of wooden train tracks, including curved and straight pieces, which allows you to make lots of different configerations. The track is of good quality and great value.

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Percy The Small Engine

Percy is the saddle tank engine, with green and red stripes and carries the number 6. Percy is young and cheeky and likes to tease the other engines. He is a happy little engine and enjoys working around the yard, always happy to oblige. He often has trouble pronouncing words and makes some mistakes. Percy is also accident prone.


KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

This is a fabulous little table for children to build their own Island of Sodor. The table is a great height for young children, and they can play with their trains and toys without tripping on when as they do when they’re on the floor. This table is sturdy, durable and compatible with wooden Thomas and Brio tracks and train sets and excellent value.


Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Gordon The Big Express Engine

Gordon is the fastest engine on the Island of Sodor, he is also the most powerful. Gordon is good-hearted and likes to help others, but usually to show how strong he is. Gordon tends to look down on the smaller engines and thinks he should get all the jobs that have some prestige associated with it.

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