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Thomas and His Friends

Hey kids! Are you a fan of one of the best children’s television series, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends? Do you want to know about the characters of this series? Then here is a list of some of  the characters. I hope you enjoy learning about them.

This series was first broadcasted on television in the year 1984. It was based on the book “The Railway Series” written by Reverend Wilbert Awdry to his son Christopher Awdry, who was at that time suffering from ill-health. Rev. Wilbert Awdry wrote this series to help overcome the loneliness his son was feeling during his illness.

As years passed by, the series became famous and has became one of the most watched series that young children love. As time progressed, more characters were added to the story.


1 Thomas is the main character and the protagonist of the first five series, but plays a different role on the series “Day of the Diesels”. He is best described as a cheeky and fussy engine on the Island of Sodor. He is also known to some as the 0-6-0 blue tank engine, who often gets into scrapes because of his excess of excitement. He is an extremely proud engine who runs on his own rails, together with his two coaches “Annie and Clarabel”.

2 Edward is also one of the main characters in the railway series. He is the wisest and the oldest. He is intelligent and a very skillful engine.  During the 10th season of the series, his personality changed a bit. He carries the 4-4-0 engine that has red stripes on it and is also has the number 2 painted on his body.

3 Henry is painted green with red stripes, he is the 4-6-0 engine carrier and is the number 3 engine. He is pretentious and often disheartened. He is also intelligent and an engine who loves and appreciates nature.

4 Gordon is an blue engine with stripes of red and carries the 4-6-2 engine in this series. Sometimes he thinks he is better than the rest of the engines, and learns his lesson afterwards. His feeling of being superior is due to the fact that he is one of the strongest engines in the group and often carries the large loads.

5 James is coloured red with gold stripes and has a dome. He is the 2-6-0 mixed-traffic engine in the group… the number 5 engine. He is a supporting protagonist train.

6 Percy is the number 6 engine, he carries the 0-4-0 saddle tank engine with green and red stripes. He is the youngest and cheeky. He is an engine who has fun teasing the other engines in this series.

7 Toby is the watcher of the group who works with Thomas. He is the number 7 engine in the group and he is also one of the oldest, most careful and wisest member of all the trains.

Emily is a Scottish Stirling single engine that is painted dark green and has stripes of gold. She is the character that appeared in the 7th and 8th season.


Which train is your favourite?

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