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Thomas and Friends Games

When it comes to toys and fun for kids, Thomas and Friends are always at the top of the list. Why? Thomas and his friends are characters who relate to young children. They go through the same problems young children do. They have so much to learn about other people, relationships, how to behave when with others and what to do with feelings like sad, mad, glad and afraid.  Learning to understand our feelings and how to express them can be difficult to learn and putting it in a fun context is a great way for children to learn.

Thomas and Friends Birthday Surprise Board Game.  This is a fantastic board game for preschoolers as they don’t need to be able to read to be able to play the game. This game is about collecting and matching party favors as you travel around the board.  Whoever collects the most along the track, is the winner.

UNO My First Uno Card Game with Thomas & Friends.  This is a fun way to encourage preschool children with learning numbers and recognition. The large sized cards make it easier for children to hold while they are enjoying the game and building their colouring skills and number skills. This card game is played with a minimum of two players and is recommended for children aged three and above.

Thomas and Friends Make-A-Match Game.   This is another fantastic card game with Thomas the Tank Engine that encourages children to learn while having fun. An easy game of concentration where the players match the Thomas characters and the person with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. Pre-schoolers don’t have to be able to read to play and enjoy the game. This will help improve your childs’ memorization skills.

A Day Out With Thomas Game is a fantastic board game. It is a train ride full of surprises as you join Thomas on his journey chugging around the Island of sodor visiting fun places like the zoo, the magic stop and the ice cream store. The game encourages your preschoolers imagination, social skills and helps build their self-esteem. It is great for sharing and building friendships and just having lots of fun together. Designed for preschoolers, there is no reading required to play this game.

Thomas Making Tracks Game.  Help Thomas and his friends lay the track and move the train along until they reach the end of the line. Up to 4 players each take an engine token and the first one to reach Round House is the winner. This is an interesting and easy game for preschoolers and is a great introduction to board games.

This is a great collection of Thomas and Friends games, and every one of them is sure to be a favourite with preschoolers.

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