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Pirate Party Ideas

Boys have been fascinated with pirates sailing the seas and buried treasure for a long time. However, a pirate birthday party theme is not only for boys but is a fantastic idea for girls also.  If your daughter likes pink, then your pirate party can include pink decorations, but not necessary. It is a fun party, so choose what suits you best.  This is an excellent birthday party theme for summer months as you can take it outside and decorate the yard to suit the occasion. Encourage your children to be part of the planning and decorating, as often this part is just as exciting as the party itself.

Here are few simple pirate party ideas for your kids:

Pirate Party Invitations

Party invitations should be attractive and look like authentic pirate invitations to excite the children about the upcoming party. You could design the invitation to look like a treasure map and on the inside write the details in pirate language.  Another idea is make the invitation in the shape of a flag out of card stock paper or make a cut out face of a pirate and write your invitation details inside the eye patch.  The invitation should read something like:

“Avast ye… this old salt is inviting ye for some grub and rum on his ship.
So matey… be there and aye, be on time.”

Pirate Party Décor

One pirate party idea is to decorate the party room with flags, fish nets, skulls, shells and crossbones.  Have a line of flags that are hung from string that is attached from the fence to the house. Cut out your own flags from material using worn out t-shirts.

The room or backyard should be decorated in a way that it gives an atmosphere of a pirate’s hideout.  Add a pirate movie poster like Pirates of the Carribbean and paste it on the wall.  You can also put up a cardboard cutout of some sea creatures such as a starfish, shark or crocodile to make it exciting.  Make an artificial bridge with wooden planks on which kids can walk on.  You can create a treasure box with old cardboard boxes and present it as the pirate loot with artificial jewellery made out of paper, or use costume jewellery.  Make sure that the party décors are unique to the pirate theme as they help set the mood for your child’s party.

Pirate Clothing and Accessories

Pirate styles of clothing are distinct and unique.  Use colors such as black, red, yellow, blue, and white which are typically the pirate colors.  Use loose t-shirts in any of these colors and add a contrasting color for the sash to put around the children’s waist.  A pirate’s outfit is not complete without its accessories like an eye patch or a hat or bandanna. Another fun accessory is a plastic or cardboard parrot to sit on the shoulder of the child or alternatively can be used as a room decoration.

Pirate Party Foods

Includes lots of sea foods in the menu to remind the children that a lot of the pirate’s food came from the ocean.  A birthday cake in the shape of a ship would look fantastic in the middle of the table.  Decorate it with flags or skulls and crossbones.  Instead of having lolli-pops, try making cake-pops, by making your patty cakes, icing them and then putting them on the end of a stick. A variety of sliced fruit would also be an ideal addition to the food table. As for the drinks, grape juice or punch with lemonade, looks authentic.  You could even draw or paste small cut outs of a skull and crossbones on their mugs with their name on it.

Pirate Party Games

The treasure hunt game is always the highlight of any pirate party, as they hunt for hidden treasure. Have clues ready for the guests to go and find their hidden treasure. Your guests can either find their own treasure, or you could divide them into groups or teams, giving them a clue each and together they have to find the hidden treasure.

A pirate party is so much fun, and when you plan well, you and your guests will have a fantastic time, one that you will remember for a long time to come.

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