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Peppa Pig Games

When my grandson was celebrating his 3rd birthday, he wanted a party with Peppa Pig and we had lots of fun putting it together. The Peppa Pig Party food was scrumptious and the games were a heap of fun. We chose 4 fun games, which proved to be sufficient for the occasion. If you’re planning a Peppa Pig party, then try some of these fun games and make your party sensational.

1. Muddy Puddles. This is a great game for young children and very similar to musical chairs.

Have a brown piece of paper which will become the puddle; you will need one for each child, and then take one puddle out, so that you are one short.

While playing your Peppa Pig music, ask the children to walk in a large circle around the puddles. When the music stops each child must find a paper puddle to jump into. The child that doesn’t have a puddle is out.

To help avoid some tears, it is a good idea to give each child a small “prize” when they’re out.

After each round, take away one puddle, so that you have one more child than puddles. The last person still in, is the winner.

KidsBlogImagePPLootBagA022. Treasure Hunt. This was a great activity game and the kids loved it. We made most of the items ourselves, which was fun and also a good way of helping to keep the cost down. As none of our children could read, we did everything by pictures.

We gave each of the children a loot bag. We took a picture of 10 different locations, wrote a number on the back of each picture and gave them to 10 different adults.

Firstly, the children had to find the adult that had the picture with the number 1 written on the back of the picture. The picture told the child where to find the box with the loot inside. When they found the box, each child took one item from the box and put it in their loot bag. They then went to find the adult that had the picture with the number 2 written on the back.

By the time the children had found the 10 boxes they had a good sized loot bag to take home with them. Some of the items they collected along the way were:

3. Pin the Tail on Peppa Pig. We had a lot of fun making our own Peppa Pig.

At the party, we gave each child a pipe cleaner and asked them to make their own tail. We then attached a piece of sticky tape to the end of the tail.

We put a blind fold on the first child, spun the child around gently once or twice, and then faced him in the direction of Peppa Pig. Each child put their tail where they thought it should go on Peppa Pig. When each child had their turn, the child who put the tail closest to where it should go, was the winner.

We asked one of the adults to go first, to show the children what would happen when we put the blindfold on, and then they would know what to expect. Don’t forget to give a prize to the child who wins the game.

4. Throwing the Gumboots. This was a fun game and the children loved throwing the gumboots. Before the day we collected all the gumboots we could find.

We put some orange cones in a row and the children were to stand behind the cones. We put a bucket about 3 meters away and the children had to take turns throwing the gumboots. The child who got the most gumboots in the bucket was the winner.

Here are some of the favorite Peppa Pig episodes from Amazon.

Peppa Pig:  Muddy Puddles,  Peppa Pig: The Balloon Ride  and  Peppa Pig: Piggy in the Middle.

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