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Thomas and Friends Games

When it comes to toys and fun for kids, Thomas and Friends are always at the top of the list. Why? Thomas and his friends are characters who relate to young children. They go through the same problems young children do. They have so much to learn about other people, relationships, how to behave when with others and what to do with feelings like sad, mad, glad and afraid.  Learning to understand our feelings and how to express them can be difficult to learn and putting it in a fun context is a great way for children to learn.

Thomas and Friends Birthday Surprise Board Game.  This is a fantastic board game for preschoolers as they don’t need to be able to read to be able to play the game. This game is about collecting and matching party favors as you travel around the board.  Whoever collects the most along the track, is the winner.

UNO My First Uno Card Game with Thomas & Friends.  This is a fun way to encourage preschool children with learning numbers and recognition. The large sized cards make it easier for children to hold while they are enjoying the game and building their colouring skills and number skills. This card game is played with a minimum of two players and is recommended for children aged three and above.

Thomas and Friends Make-A-Match Game.   This is another fantastic card game with Thomas the Tank Engine that encourages children to learn while having fun. An easy game of concentration where the players match the Thomas characters and the person with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. Pre-schoolers don’t have to be able to read to play and enjoy the game. This will help improve your childs’ memorization skills.

A Day Out With Thomas Game is a fantastic board game. It is a train ride full of surprises as you join Thomas on his journey chugging around the Island of sodor visiting fun places like the zoo, the magic stop and the ice cream store. The game encourages your preschoolers imagination, social skills and helps build their self-esteem. It is great for sharing and building friendships and just having lots of fun together. Designed for preschoolers, there is no reading required to play this game.

Thomas Making Tracks Game.  Help Thomas and his friends lay the track and move the train along until they reach the end of the line. Up to 4 players each take an engine token and the first one to reach Round House is the winner. This is an interesting and easy game for preschoolers and is a great introduction to board games.

This is a great collection of Thomas and Friends games, and every one of them is sure to be a favourite with preschoolers.

Top Thomas and Friends Videos

How many engines and characters do you know in the Thomas the Tank Engine series? What do you know about them? How did they originally come to the Island of Sodor? There is a story behind each of the characters and each of them bring their own personality, baggage and idiosyncrasies and have to learn to work together with the rest of the team. Thomas teaches about the importance of teamwork and the importance of friendship.

Thomas and Friends The Greatest Stories (Two-Disc Special Edition) is a special DVD which contains a selection of 20 of the best episodes since it began. Thomas and his friends will capture the imagination of your child and they will enter into the world of Thomas on the Island of Sodor, as the characters come to life.

Thomas and his friends are portrayed to have similar issues as young children, and this is a fantastic way for young children to learn about relationships and getting along with other people. They watch first hand how to say sorry and thankyou when needed, how to listen and understand the other engines. Here you will learn something of the characters and what makes them unique.

Thomas and Friends Curious Cargo is an exciting four episode set, the first one focusing on the wildest adventures of Thomas and his friends. Here they are asked to bring wild animals to the Island of Sodor’s Wildlife Center. From birds to giraffes, their task is to bring all these creatures to the center safely. This is combined with the episodes Thomas’ Tall Friend, Percy’s New Friends, Toby and Bash and Big Bell. A combinated of upbeat and cheerful episodes that young children love to watch.

Harold The Helicopter, nicknamed the Whirlybird, is good natured and very useful when he is flying. He loves being part of the search and rescue team and always happy to keep a watchful eye on his friends.

Originally called Falcon, his name was changed to Sir Handel when he first came to the Island of Sodor. Sir Handel is one of the oldest engines, and likes to think that he is the boss.

When he doesn’t get his way he can be bad tempered and have tantrums. He often had trouble staying on the track until a pair of special wheels with broad tyres were made for him.

There is only one plane on the Island of Sodor and his name is Jeremy. He is a jolly plane and thinks more of himself than he should. He considers himself better than the trains because he can do things that engines can’t, but has a blind eye when it comes to the things that he can’t do. However, when it comes to the crunch, he works well with the trains, doing his part.

Thomas and Friends Hero of the Rails is a fun, action packed movie.  A huge silver engine, called Spencer, is visiting on the Island of Sodor, and has come to help build a summer house. Boastful Thomas thinks he can compete with this large engine and ends up crashing.  That’s when Thomas finds a new friend, an old and worn out engine who has been abandoned and is ready for the scrap heap.

Can the engines really work together? Can they help their new friend or is all hope lost?

This is one of the best Thomas and his friends episodes, and if you know of a little Thomas engineer, then it is not to be missed.

Iron Bert and Iron Arry are identical, except one difference, Iron Bert has a beard.  Both of these engines work in the scrap yards and consider themselves better than the steam engines.

James the Red Engine is one of the popular engines on the Island of Sodor. He is medium sized and considers himself to be a splendid engine. This thinking often leads him into trouble as he often thinks he is better than the work he is given.

TrackMaster Thomas Comes to the Rescue

Thomas and his Friends are fantastic toys for young children, they are a lot of fun and excellent for teaching them about relationships and emotions. As Thomas and his friends continue on with daily life and interact with the other engines, they learn to overcome their differences and work together, becoming friends in the process. This encourages learning for children in a fun way, one that they can relate to, and helping them to understand their own emotions. Take the time to talk about the movies as you watch them and help your children relate it to their own life, so that they too, can accept other peoples differences and become friends.

TrackMaster Remote Control Thomas. Thomas is a very proud engine, and a little bit cheeky. He gets into lots of scrapes, but often because he is eager to do things. However, he has a good attitude and quickly gets things sorted out and if off playing again. He is a very lovable engine, and most children’s favourite. This train is very easy for young children to use, just push or pull the handle and the engine will go chugging forward or backward. You can hear the engine whistle and also the Thomas and friends theme song.


TrackMaster Percy and Coach. Percy is a contented and happy little engine who enjoys his work in the yard. Percy is easy to get along with, and often the other engines try to take advantage of him. Percy considers Thomas to be his best friend and a favourite with children. This Percy train can be pushed around the track or just flip the switch and he chugs along the track by himself.

TrackMaster Whiff with his Cargo Car is a really useful engine, and he loves his job. What does he do? He collects all the rubbish on the Island of Sodor, a job that no-one else wants! Whiff isn’t worried about what he looks like or smells like, and often has bits of rubbish stuck on his engine. Whiff enjoys working and getting the job done. Whiff might only be a small engine, but he comes with a big heart.

TrackMaster See Inside Mail Cars. This is a fun carriage to add to the Thomas collection. It allows the little engineer to open the carriage and see the detailed cargo interior. You will find bags of mail and a sorting station heading around the Island of Sodor to deliver the mail. Similar to this carriage, is a livestock carriage which has animals and feed, and the passenger carriage which has some residents from the Island of Sodor dining and relaxing as they travel.

TrackMaster Toby and the Whistling Woods. Toby is a little brown engine with cowcatchers and sideplates, allowing him to go on tracks along the side of the road, tracks that other engines aren’t allowed to go. Toby’s carriage is called Henrietta.

The Whistling Woods is an exciting adventure for Toby and your little engineer as they go travelling through Whistling Woods together. Passing through the trees causes them to rattle and shake, and as Toby goes under the tree a branch falls and he must quickly move on.  A fun adventure for all.


What a great way for kids to learn about life… through fun!

Thomas and His Friends

Hey kids! Are you a fan of one of the best children’s television series, Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends? Do you want to know about the characters of this series? Then here is a list of some of  the characters. I hope you enjoy learning about them.

This series was first broadcasted on television in the year 1984. It was based on the book “The Railway Series” written by Reverend Wilbert Awdry to his son Christopher Awdry, who was at that time suffering from ill-health. Rev. Wilbert Awdry wrote this series to help overcome the loneliness his son was feeling during his illness.

As years passed by, the series became famous and has became one of the most watched series that young children love. As time progressed, more characters were added to the story.


1 Thomas is the main character and the protagonist of the first five series, but plays a different role on the series “Day of the Diesels”. He is best described as a cheeky and fussy engine on the Island of Sodor. He is also known to some as the 0-6-0 blue tank engine, who often gets into scrapes because of his excess of excitement. He is an extremely proud engine who runs on his own rails, together with his two coaches “Annie and Clarabel”.

2 Edward is also one of the main characters in the railway series. He is the wisest and the oldest. He is intelligent and a very skillful engine.  During the 10th season of the series, his personality changed a bit. He carries the 4-4-0 engine that has red stripes on it and is also has the number 2 painted on his body.

3 Henry is painted green with red stripes, he is the 4-6-0 engine carrier and is the number 3 engine. He is pretentious and often disheartened. He is also intelligent and an engine who loves and appreciates nature.

4 Gordon is an blue engine with stripes of red and carries the 4-6-2 engine in this series. Sometimes he thinks he is better than the rest of the engines, and learns his lesson afterwards. His feeling of being superior is due to the fact that he is one of the strongest engines in the group and often carries the large loads.

5 James is coloured red with gold stripes and has a dome. He is the 2-6-0 mixed-traffic engine in the group… the number 5 engine. He is a supporting protagonist train.

6 Percy is the number 6 engine, he carries the 0-4-0 saddle tank engine with green and red stripes. He is the youngest and cheeky. He is an engine who has fun teasing the other engines in this series.

7 Toby is the watcher of the group who works with Thomas. He is the number 7 engine in the group and he is also one of the oldest, most careful and wisest member of all the trains.

Emily is a Scottish Stirling single engine that is painted dark green and has stripes of gold. She is the character that appeared in the 7th and 8th season.


Which train is your favourite?

Making It Fun With Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts

Custom cardboard cutouts are a fun way to add some zazzle to your next party or get-together.

Cardboard cutouts, also known as cardboard standups or photo cutouts are figures of people, animals or anything else that captures your imagaination.

Custom cardboard cutouts are the new trend in themed parties simply because of the authentic atmosphere that they bring. Just think of having a lifesize Pirate Ship in your pirate themed party or a lifesize photo cutout of a castle for your daughter’s princess themed party. How unique and beautiful that would be!

Why Use Cardboard Standups?

Cardboard standups are not only useful for props and backdrops for parties. You can also make a lifesize picture of yourself or the celebrant as a custom cardboard cutout. Many party lovers will also choose cardboard cutouts of their favorite celebrity or athlete to be included in their party decorations. There are many different materials you can use when making your cutouts, ie plastic sheets, metals and even wax. However, most people prefer using cardboard as it is easier to handle and much cheaper than the other materials.

How Can I Use My Custom Cardboard Cutouts?

There are many ways you can use your lifesize cardboard cutout. Here are some ideas:

Entrance decoration. If you are the party celebrant, then why not put your own lifesize cutout right in the venue’s entrance? You can even add a speech bubble saying something like “Welcome to My Party!”

Bring your favorite celebrity. You can buy or make lifesize cutouts of your favorite celebrities and include them in your party. Whether you decide to choose Justin Bieber, Alan Garner or Marilyn Monroe, you and your guests can enjoy taking your picture with them, as if they were really there! Not everyone can have President Barack Obama come to their party, but you can if you choose a lifesize cardboard cutout.

Give your party a much more authentic feel of its theme with lifesize cutouts. You can make cutouts of Disney-inspired places or some of the traditional Disney characters, like Donald Duck, Goofey, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear or Woody & Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Choose one or more of your favourite super heroes, like Captain America, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk, the X Men, Batman or The Joker.

One of the Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Belle or Jasmine, is sure to be a hit with the girls. Those who are into sci-fi, can choose Chewbacca, Yoda or Darth Vader and include a Stormtrooper or two. Consider inviting Dr Who and Amy Pond to your party who bring along The Tardis.


Like all things, it’s easy when you know how, but where do you start?

If you’re wanting to buy ready made cutouts, follow the above links. There you will find a wide range of cardboard cutouts available, all you have to do is search out your favourite, pay for it and then wait for it to be delivered.  You will be very pleased with your results. However, you do pay for that convenience.

The alternative is to make your own and using the right software can make all the difference. is THE place to go for an easy to use yet powerful software which helps create stunning and professional quality images, which also includes many tips and tricks to making it easier. This step-by-step guide takes you through the entire process helping you to create your very own personalised cardboard cutouts.

It’s also an option to make your own cardboard cutout and purchase the stand. Cardboard cutout stands start around $10.

So next time you’re having a party or get-together, remember to invite some “extra” guests and make it a fantastic adventure.