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How To Make A Fun Hat Out Of Cardboard Crafts

Fit For A Royal Wedding

Kids will love making and wearing this Cardboard Craft hat. This is as easy as it gets to making a fantastic looking hat for a fancy party or dress up occasion. Adapt it to suit your own special occasion.

How do you make a Special Cardboard Craft Hat with bits you have at home when you have a fancy party to go to???

Step 1. Making a Start

Find a piece of cardboard – I used a cereal box, it was already in my cupboard at home.

The cardboard needs to be thick enough to be firm, but still flexible enough to bend.

Cut a circle out of it…

Step 2. Adding Shape

Cut through to the centre of your circle so you can make it into a cone shape.

Staple the cone in place in a head shape.

Holding the base together, staples are more secure than tape or glue.

Make the base the the correct size for your head measurement.

Step 3. Hat Base

Then find some fabric to cover your hat base. (Fabric with some stretch in it works well – I used a velveteen piece I had at home) and staple this over your cardboard.

This creates your hat “base”.

I chose red to give your cardboard craft hat a strong color base. Blend the color of the base in with the decorations that you are using.

Step 4. Keeping it Firm.

Staple all around the edge to make sure it is well attached; and trim excess fabric.

When you are wearing your Hat, be careful that the staples don’t get caught in your hair. Ouch!

Alternatively, you can use glue and give it time to dry.

Step 5. Decorate your hat!!!

Try a flower – my favorite is the Oriental Lily!

Add other decorations – feathers, beads, tulle, ribbons… Whatever you can find!
I stapled things on and tied other bits on.

I didn’t want to use glue as I was needing to wear it straight away!!

Step 6. Adding More Decoration.

Cut a hole in the fabric and cardboard and poke the flower stem (and other decorations) through the hole.

Either staple it in, use sticky tape or stabilize and hold in place with a small piece of cardboard as I have here.  (I couldn’t find any tape!)

Look for other decorations to suit the occasion, that you can use on your hat.

Step 7. Wear it with flair – Fit For A Royal Wedding!!
Use hair clips to keep it in place and try to stay out of the rain.

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