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Riley and Mema

I love having fun with my grandsons, so much for them to experience and learn.


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Kids Cardboard Craft Alternative for Bon Bons

I always enjoy home crafted items in preference to off-the-shelf, mass-produced stuff, and this is a fantastic activity to do with kids.  It is simple to make, requires minimal supplies and the finished product can be filled with other fun stuff. It is best to do over a number of sessions to allow paint and glue to dry.6DC93YNJAUYQ
Directions:  I used 2 empty toilet rolls and painted them red and then covered with silver glitter, and left them to dry. For larger binoculars you can chose to use kitchen paper towel cardboard centres, which would allow for larger items to be included inside.
To make the eye piece end, I used foam strips, approx 1cm wide and glued around each end of the toilet rolls. To hold them in place while the glue set, I used elastic bands. Then I put a hole on each side of the toilet roll and threaded the ribbon through, which was long enough to hold the binoculars together, but not long enough to be a choke hazzard.
This next step was carried out with a hand punch, which allowed me to make a neat hole in the side of the cardboard toilet rolls, and then I used the tweezers to pull the ribbon through. I then tied the ribbon together in the centre, covering the ends and making it look neat.
Finally, I added a couple of fun bits for the kids to enjoy. I chose small, inexpensive items that would fit neatly inside the cardboard toilet rolls, though the noise of my suggestions might annoy the adults. I chose these items as I have 3 grandsons, however if you have some granddaughters, you could include some girly items, such as necklace and bracelet or hair ribbons.
Here is the finished product: a fun project for anyone to make and enjoy.
Although this is an ideal Christmas activity, it can also be used for other occasions.

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