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How To Make a Tie Out of Cardboard Crafts

Making a Cardboard Tie.

This is a fantastic idea for young children to make and give their Dad on Father’s Day!! (or any day)

Materials Required:

Approx 45 cm hat elastic.

Long narrow piece of cardboard, approx 50cm long

Scissors, stapler

Decorations: stickers, glitter, glue, textas, paint (optional)

You can use white cardboard and paint it, or use colored cardboard and decorate. In our illustration we have used black cardboard and just added stickers.

Draw the shape of the tie on the cardboard.  (Alternatively, you can easily borrow a tie from Dad and trace around it!)

Measurements are approx  48cm long, 9cm at the widest point, and 4cm at the narrowest point. The knot is approx 6cm x 6cm, slightly shaped to fit the top of the long piece.  This can be either glued on or stapled together.  Allow an extra 1cm at the top of the knot, to turn over and thread the elastic through, then staple.

You may need to cut the tie out if the child is very small. Then the child can have fun decorating his tie for Dad or Grandpa.

What a great gift idea, and your child will love giving something that looks great!

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