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Happily Ever After Princess Party Ideas

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess. It excites them when they see tiaras, crowns, and elegant gowns. They fantasize how it is to have royal treatment and live happily ever after. Turning these dreams and fantasies into a reality is actually possible. By preparing a princess theme party, your little girl can turn into a princess for a day. So, consider some of these princess party ideas, and you can be their fairy godmother who can make their dreams a reality.

The Royal Invitation

A princess party will not be complete without an invitation. It sets the mood of everyone and builds excitement even before the party begins. So, you have to make sure that you come up with a unique and elegant princess party invitation. There are templates that you can download online or you can purchase them from your favorite party needs shop. But if you have ample time, you can make your own royal invitation to make it more personalized and unique. Look for a specialty paper; buy some glue, glitters, and colorful pens then use your creative mind to come up with a one of a kind invitation. It can be shaped like a castle, a tiara, or a dress. Do not forget to indicate in your invitation that guests should come wearing their prince and princess-like costumes.

The Glamorous Decorations

Setting-up a castle-like atmosphere is an important when you are decorating the venue for the princess party. Make sure that you transform an ordinary place into a glitzy and extra-ordinary venue. Here are some tips:

  • Form a canopy using pink and lavender streamers. You can also try other color combinations like pink and sky blue or pink and yellow. The streamers should cascade from a bow in the middle of the ceiling (or from a chandelier, if you have one) to the sides of the room.

  • Fill the room with balloons, flowers or butterfly decorations that are in harmony with your chosen motif.

  • Cut star shapes out of white card stock and cover them with gold or silver glitters. Hang them from the ceiling with the use of a fishing line or decorative strings.

  • You can also make use of life-size cardboard cut-outs of your favorite princesses like Cinderella, Belle, Fiona, and Snow White. They can serve as decorations and they are also great to have for your photo backdrops.

  • Set up a wide screen and a projector then play a princess movie on mute. The moving images in the movie also add to the decoration and set the mood of the guests.

  • Create a curtain door out of pink cloth or strips of glittery materials where children can walk through. Don’t forget to lay a red carpet to add to the dramatic royalty effect.

The Cake

The cake is very important when planning your party, and so is choosing the right design and size for the occasion. Ask the birthday girl what she wants. She might like a castle cake, a crown cake or a cake decorated with a princess on top. Then decide if you want to make it yourself or buy one ready-made.

Princess Party Food Ideas

For a princess party, you can never go wrong with foods that are pink in color. You can serve drinks like pink lemonade, strawberry milk shake, or strawberry juice. Make sure that you serve the drinks using fancy plastic champagne glasses. You can also try serving pink cupcakes or cupcakes decorated with tiaras, crowns, and pink flowers. Strawberry puddings with strawberry wafer cookies are also one of the kids’ favorite. You can also have a candy corner with loads of pink lollipops in all shapes and sizes. For your sandwich, you can cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into heart and star shapes. Children would also rave about strawberries dipped in white chocolate or make a fruit tray with strawberry yogurt as a dip.

The Princess Goody Bags

Children love to receive goody bags and a party would not be complete without it. Look for a fancy pink bag and fill it with items like lip gloss, body glitters, coloring books, princess stickers, princess wands, tiaras, hair clips, jelly bean bracelets, princess button pins, and fun necklaces. You can also add chocolates wrapped in pink foils or pink lollipops.

Princess for a Day

These are just some of the princess party ideas that will make you a fairy godmother who can make a wish come true. With all these ideas plus your own creative and imaginative ideas, you are sure to give your little girl a princess treat, allowing her to be a “Princess for a day”.

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