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Damper and Campfire Recipes

I have been camping and bush walking all my life. As I look back on those early days, what really stands out as the best fun as a kid was sitting around a campfire. I always thought that the bigger the fire the better, but on a cold evening there is nothing better than cooking Damper on a stick over a bed of coals. I can still remember my mother saying, the bigger the fire, the bigger the fool, and with a big fire all you get to eat is charcoal! Thus a successful “dough boy” requires a parent, a child and a double helping of patience.  As well as that you will need:


  • 3 cups SR flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 80 gms butter
  • 3/4 cup water


  • Rub the butter into the flour and salt, then add the water.
  • You will need a long, straight stick approx 1m long.
  • Mould damper mixture onto tick and poke damper in coals.

Note: Allow the fire to burn down and produce some coals before adding damper on a stick, so that the damper doesn’t burn. Take it slow, 15 – 20  minutes or so.

To test if cooked: knock on the cooked damper, if it sounds hollow, then it’s cooked.

Take it out of the fire. Being careful not to burn your hands, remove damper from stick by gently turning the damper, it should come off easily. Pour golden syrup or butter into the hole. The same recipe can be used to make a damper loaf, just form it into a flat loaf shape and wrap it in several layers of alfoil and place it in the coals and turn it after 10 minutes. You know it is cooked when you tap it and it sounds hollow.

Eat and enjoy! But be careful, they always leak, and hot golden syrup makes a terrible mess! So make sure that your kids are suitably attired, which comes back to what makes any camping trip fun and successful, comes down to one word, “Preparation!”

The Ultimate Campfire Kitchen and Camping Guide is an excellent resource for those who are new to camping as well as those who have a lifetime of experience. It is a very practical book, including a range of helpful hints, covering every aspect of camping, including what to buy, what to take and how to adapt to changing circumstances.

It has a large range of recipes that are easy to follow, uses ingredients that are readily available and shows you how you can prepare delicious meals without having to take the whole kitchen with you!

Many bonus sections, including the awkward questions of how to keep children entertained in the car on those long trips, and what to do each night after the sun goes down when there is no TV or other electronic gadgets!

There is a section on tents, which tent to buy for the type of camping you are going to do, and how best to site them. Choosing a spot, preferably not in the creek when it looks like rain, allowing you to prepare ahead to have the best possible camping experiences. (Although, sometimes the disaster can be good fun too… maybe not at the time, but when you look back on them and can have a good laugh!)

So don’t delay, buy your copy today, read it and apply it, and make your next camping holiday, one of the best you and your family have ever had.

12 comments to Damper and Campfire Recipes

  • G’day Carolyn,
    Thanks for doing this excellent article. It gave me a huge serve of nostalgia for the time my best mate and I went camping at 10 Y/O and actually made damper over our open fire. Oh to be 10 again…………….
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Learning Piano – My Learning Journey Part FourMy Profile

  • Carolyn

    Hi Harry, Good to hear you enjoyed your camping trip so much and left you with positive memories. The first time I went camping I was about 16, the tent blew away, as did everything inside the tent and we ended up dumping everything in the car and going home. It was a night to remember, and we have laughed about it every since.

  • This looks really interesting to make! I’ve been thinking about a camping trip possibly with my kids in a couple of weeks from now. Maybe I’ll give this recipe a try! Thanks for posting it!
    Claudia recently posted..Disney CostumesMy Profile

  • Charisma

    Were going on a camping trip with my family and this is interesting recipe. I will surely give this a try. And i’m looking forward for a fun and exciting campfire!!
    Charisma recently posted..How To Conceive QuicklyMy Profile

  • Bernabeth

    this is my first visit here and i liked your blog very much and the recipes are amazing. ive never tried Damper and Campfire Recipes but after visiting here m craving for it. hehe.. gonna try some of your recipes soon.. take care..
    Bernabeth recently posted..Grand BornandMy Profile

  • Oh I love campfires and kids joining in with their marshmallows on a stick. Great idea that we can also make damper on a stick too as this will be a great treat for all who attend our next campfire. Thank you.

  • Carolyn

    Our last campfire was so much fun, not sure if it was the fire, the company or the damper on the stick…each was fantastic!

  • Kaitlyn

    I miss my childhood, having a campfire with my family. Now that I have my family of my own, I’m thinking of a family vacation again. And glad I stumble to your post. I will make this damper. Thanks for sharing.
    Kaitlyn recently posted..Best Positions To Get Pregnant FastMy Profile

  • Yvonne

    I am excited because after reading your post, my family plans for an outing this weekend. And much excited because we will having a campfire and guess what? we will be making your damper recipe. =)
    Yvonne recently posted..Quickest Way To Get PregnantMy Profile

  • Carolyn

    Hope you have a great time, enjoy your damper!

  • Hi Ian, Damper on a Stick is a term I hadn’t heard of here in Canada, however, campfires with marshmallows, chocolate and graham wafers were something we all loved when camping. I have grandchildren and can hardly wait to try this recipe the next time we go camping or just having the bonfire in our back yard!
    This looks like a great site.
    Leslie Echino recently posted..For the Love of BlinkMy Profile

  • Carolyn

    So many fun things to do with grandkids..and it’s all about doing it together.

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