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I love having fun with my grandsons, so much for them to experience and learn.


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Peppa Pig Games

When my grandson was celebrating his 3rd birthday, he wanted a party with Peppa Pig and we had lots of fun putting it together. The Peppa Pig Party food was scrumptious and the games were a heap of fun. We chose 4 fun games, which proved to be sufficient for the occasion. If you’re planning a Peppa Pig party, then try some of these fun games and make your party sensational.

1. Muddy Puddles. This is a great game for young children and very similar to musical chairs.

Have a brown piece of paper which will become the puddle; you will need one for each child, and then take one puddle out, so that you are one short.

While playing your Peppa Pig music, ask the children to walk in a large circle around the puddles. When the music stops each child must find a paper puddle to jump into. The child that doesn’t have a puddle is out.

To help avoid some tears, it is a good idea to give each child a small “prize” when they’re out.

After each round, take away one puddle, so that you have one more child than puddles. The last person still in, is the winner.

KidsBlogImagePPLootBagA022. Treasure Hunt. This was a great activity game and the kids loved it. We made most of the items ourselves, which was fun and also a good way of helping to keep the cost down. As none of our children could read, we did everything by pictures.

We gave each of the children a loot bag. We took a picture of 10 different locations, wrote a number on the back of each picture and gave them to 10 different adults.

Firstly, the children had to find the adult that had the picture with the number 1 written on the back of the picture. The picture told the child where to find the box with the loot inside. When they found the box, each child took one item from the box and put it in their loot bag. They then went to find the adult that had the picture with the number 2 written on the back.

By the time the children had found the 10 boxes they had a good sized loot bag to take home with them. Some of the items they collected along the way were:

3. Pin the Tail on Peppa Pig. We had a lot of fun making our own Peppa Pig.

At the party, we gave each child a pipe cleaner and asked them to make their own tail. We then attached a piece of sticky tape to the end of the tail.

We put a blind fold on the first child, spun the child around gently once or twice, and then faced him in the direction of Peppa Pig. Each child put their tail where they thought it should go on Peppa Pig. When each child had their turn, the child who put the tail closest to where it should go, was the winner.

We asked one of the adults to go first, to show the children what would happen when we put the blindfold on, and then they would know what to expect. Don’t forget to give a prize to the child who wins the game.

4. Throwing the Gumboots. This was a fun game and the children loved throwing the gumboots. Before the day we collected all the gumboots we could find.

We put some orange cones in a row and the children were to stand behind the cones. We put a bucket about 3 meters away and the children had to take turns throwing the gumboots. The child who got the most gumboots in the bucket was the winner.

Here are some of the favorite Peppa Pig episodes from Amazon.

Peppa Pig:  Muddy Puddles,  Peppa Pig: The Balloon Ride  and  Peppa Pig: Piggy in the Middle.

Peppa Pig Party Food and Fun

Children love watching the Peppa Pig Series.

Peppa Pig is a relatively new series aimed at young children with each episode lasting only five minutes.

My grandson wanted to invite Peppa Pig to his 3rd birthday party, and it was a lot of fun. Here is some of the preparations and craft activities we did for the occasion.

If you’re planning a Peppa Pig party and wanting to include games, then try some of these fun Peppa Pig games that are certain to entertain young children.


We made our own invitations and our 3 year old joined in and helped with coloring, painting and glue-ing. He loves moving eyes, so we made sure we had some on every invitation. He had lots of fun making them, and so did we.


This is our beautiful birthday cake of Peppa Pig.

It was a marble cake with the decoration extending beyond the cake and covering the board as well. We put it in the middle of the food table, and it looked fantastic.


We made a backdrop, painting it blue and green, and added the sun. A great craft activity to include our almost 3 year old as well. It looked great behind the food table.

My grandson loves fruit and we included a variety of fresh fruit. We used a small star shaped cutter to make lots of watermelon stars. The kids loved eating the watermelon stars.

We made fruit kebabs. These were a little time consuming, but they did look fantastic and well worth the effort. Both the watermelon stars and the fruit kebabs looked best when served on white plates.

We also made star-shaped sprinkle sandwiches. A large star shaped cutter was used. They were super simple to make, they looked fantastic and they passed the test…. the kids loved them.

Did I mention that my grandson loves fruit? Well, we also included little fruit baskets. These baskets looked great on the table and the children kept going back for more. Who says that children have to eat a lot of sugar at birthday parties!

The coconuts were a beautiful addition. We bought 12 of them, cut off the top, added a straw and an umberella and put them on the table. These were enjoyed by both children and adults.

DRINKS ON ICE. A few days before the party, we filled some brightly colored balloons with water and put them in the freezer. On the day of the party we put the drinks in an open esky and added the ice balloons, to help keep the drinks cold. Next time I will make some smaller ones as well. The bright colours looked great in the esky!

BALLOONS. I love balloons, and we had plenty of them, adding lots of color.

Here are three of the best Peppa Pig dvd’s on Amazon: Muddy Puddles, My Birthday Party and The Balloon Ride. Each of them would make a fantastic present for a 2 or 3 year old.

It turned out to be a fantastic day and we all enjoyed it. Hope you are able to find some ideas here for your next Peppa Pig themed birthday party.

Making It Fun With Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts

Custom cardboard cutouts are a fun way to add some zazzle to your next party or get-together.

Cardboard cutouts, also known as cardboard standups or photo cutouts are figures of people, animals or anything else that captures your imagaination.

Custom cardboard cutouts are the new trend in themed parties simply because of the authentic atmosphere that they bring. Just think of having a lifesize Pirate Ship in your pirate themed party or a lifesize photo cutout of a castle for your daughter’s princess themed party. How unique and beautiful that would be!

Why Use Cardboard Standups?

Cardboard standups are not only useful for props and backdrops for parties. You can also make a lifesize picture of yourself or the celebrant as a custom cardboard cutout. Many party lovers will also choose cardboard cutouts of their favorite celebrity or athlete to be included in their party decorations. There are many different materials you can use when making your cutouts, ie plastic sheets, metals and even wax. However, most people prefer using cardboard as it is easier to handle and much cheaper than the other materials.

How Can I Use My Custom Cardboard Cutouts?

There are many ways you can use your lifesize cardboard cutout. Here are some ideas:

Entrance decoration. If you are the party celebrant, then why not put your own lifesize cutout right in the venue’s entrance? You can even add a speech bubble saying something like “Welcome to My Party!”

Bring your favorite celebrity. You can buy or make lifesize cutouts of your favorite celebrities and include them in your party. Whether you decide to choose Justin Bieber, Alan Garner or Marilyn Monroe, you and your guests can enjoy taking your picture with them, as if they were really there! Not everyone can have President Barack Obama come to their party, but you can if you choose a lifesize cardboard cutout.

Give your party a much more authentic feel of its theme with lifesize cutouts. You can make cutouts of Disney-inspired places or some of the traditional Disney characters, like Donald Duck, Goofey, Mickey Mouse, Pooh Bear or Woody & Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. Choose one or more of your favourite super heroes, like Captain America, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk, the X Men, Batman or The Joker.

One of the Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Princess Aurora, Ariel, Belle or Jasmine, is sure to be a hit with the girls. Those who are into sci-fi, can choose Chewbacca, Yoda or Darth Vader and include a Stormtrooper or two. Consider inviting Dr Who and Amy Pond to your party who bring along The Tardis.


Like all things, it’s easy when you know how, but where do you start?

If you’re wanting to buy ready made cutouts, follow the above links. There you will find a wide range of cardboard cutouts available, all you have to do is search out your favourite, pay for it and then wait for it to be delivered.  You will be very pleased with your results. However, you do pay for that convenience.

The alternative is to make your own and using the right software can make all the difference. is THE place to go for an easy to use yet powerful software which helps create stunning and professional quality images, which also includes many tips and tricks to making it easier. This step-by-step guide takes you through the entire process helping you to create your very own personalised cardboard cutouts.

It’s also an option to make your own cardboard cutout and purchase the stand. Cardboard cutout stands start around $10.

So next time you’re having a party or get-together, remember to invite some “extra” guests and make it a fantastic adventure.

Happily Ever After Princess Party Ideas

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess. It excites them when they see tiaras, crowns, and elegant gowns. They fantasize how it is to have royal treatment and live happily ever after. Turning these dreams and fantasies into a reality is actually possible. By preparing a princess theme party, your little girl can turn into a princess for a day. So, consider some of these princess party ideas, and you can be their fairy godmother who can make their dreams a reality.

The Royal Invitation

A princess party will not be complete without an invitation. It sets the mood of everyone and builds excitement even before the party begins. So, you have to make sure that you come up with a unique and elegant princess party invitation. There are templates that you can download online or you can purchase them from your favorite party needs shop. But if you have ample time, you can make your own royal invitation to make it more personalized and unique. Look for a specialty paper; buy some glue, glitters, and colorful pens then use your creative mind to come up with a one of a kind invitation. It can be shaped like a castle, a tiara, or a dress. Do not forget to indicate in your invitation that guests should come wearing their prince and princess-like costumes.

The Glamorous Decorations

Setting-up a castle-like atmosphere is an important when you are decorating the venue for the princess party. Make sure that you transform an ordinary place into a glitzy and extra-ordinary venue. Here are some tips:

  • Form a canopy using pink and lavender streamers. You can also try other color combinations like pink and sky blue or pink and yellow. The streamers should cascade from a bow in the middle of the ceiling (or from a chandelier, if you have one) to the sides of the room.

  • Fill the room with balloons, flowers or butterfly decorations that are in harmony with your chosen motif.

  • Cut star shapes out of white card stock and cover them with gold or silver glitters. Hang them from the ceiling with the use of a fishing line or decorative strings.

  • You can also make use of life-size cardboard cut-outs of your favorite princesses like Cinderella, Belle, Fiona, and Snow White. They can serve as decorations and they are also great to have for your photo backdrops.

  • Set up a wide screen and a projector then play a princess movie on mute. The moving images in the movie also add to the decoration and set the mood of the guests.

  • Create a curtain door out of pink cloth or strips of glittery materials where children can walk through. Don’t forget to lay a red carpet to add to the dramatic royalty effect.

The Cake

The cake is very important when planning your party, and so is choosing the right design and size for the occasion. Ask the birthday girl what she wants. She might like a castle cake, a crown cake or a cake decorated with a princess on top. Then decide if you want to make it yourself or buy one ready-made.

Princess Party Food Ideas

For a princess party, you can never go wrong with foods that are pink in color. You can serve drinks like pink lemonade, strawberry milk shake, or strawberry juice. Make sure that you serve the drinks using fancy plastic champagne glasses. You can also try serving pink cupcakes or cupcakes decorated with tiaras, crowns, and pink flowers. Strawberry puddings with strawberry wafer cookies are also one of the kids’ favorite. You can also have a candy corner with loads of pink lollipops in all shapes and sizes. For your sandwich, you can cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into heart and star shapes. Children would also rave about strawberries dipped in white chocolate or make a fruit tray with strawberry yogurt as a dip.

The Princess Goody Bags

Children love to receive goody bags and a party would not be complete without it. Look for a fancy pink bag and fill it with items like lip gloss, body glitters, coloring books, princess stickers, princess wands, tiaras, hair clips, jelly bean bracelets, princess button pins, and fun necklaces. You can also add chocolates wrapped in pink foils or pink lollipops.

Princess for a Day

These are just some of the princess party ideas that will make you a fairy godmother who can make a wish come true. With all these ideas plus your own creative and imaginative ideas, you are sure to give your little girl a princess treat, allowing her to be a “Princess for a day”.

Pirate Party Ideas

Boys have been fascinated with pirates sailing the seas and buried treasure for a long time. However, a pirate birthday party theme is not only for boys but is a fantastic idea for girls also.  If your daughter likes pink, then your pirate party can include pink decorations, but not necessary. It is a fun party, so choose what suits you best.  This is an excellent birthday party theme for summer months as you can take it outside and decorate the yard to suit the occasion. Encourage your children to be part of the planning and decorating, as often this part is just as exciting as the party itself.

Here are few simple pirate party ideas for your kids:

Pirate Party Invitations

Party invitations should be attractive and look like authentic pirate invitations to excite the children about the upcoming party. You could design the invitation to look like a treasure map and on the inside write the details in pirate language.  Another idea is make the invitation in the shape of a flag out of card stock paper or make a cut out face of a pirate and write your invitation details inside the eye patch.  The invitation should read something like:

“Avast ye… this old salt is inviting ye for some grub and rum on his ship.
So matey… be there and aye, be on time.”

Pirate Party Décor

One pirate party idea is to decorate the party room with flags, fish nets, skulls, shells and crossbones.  Have a line of flags that are hung from string that is attached from the fence to the house. Cut out your own flags from material using worn out t-shirts.

The room or backyard should be decorated in a way that it gives an atmosphere of a pirate’s hideout.  Add a pirate movie poster like Pirates of the Carribbean and paste it on the wall.  You can also put up a cardboard cutout of some sea creatures such as a starfish, shark or crocodile to make it exciting.  Make an artificial bridge with wooden planks on which kids can walk on.  You can create a treasure box with old cardboard boxes and present it as the pirate loot with artificial jewellery made out of paper, or use costume jewellery.  Make sure that the party décors are unique to the pirate theme as they help set the mood for your child’s party.

Pirate Clothing and Accessories

Pirate styles of clothing are distinct and unique.  Use colors such as black, red, yellow, blue, and white which are typically the pirate colors.  Use loose t-shirts in any of these colors and add a contrasting color for the sash to put around the children’s waist.  A pirate’s outfit is not complete without its accessories like an eye patch or a hat or bandanna. Another fun accessory is a plastic or cardboard parrot to sit on the shoulder of the child or alternatively can be used as a room decoration.

Pirate Party Foods

Includes lots of sea foods in the menu to remind the children that a lot of the pirate’s food came from the ocean.  A birthday cake in the shape of a ship would look fantastic in the middle of the table.  Decorate it with flags or skulls and crossbones.  Instead of having lolli-pops, try making cake-pops, by making your patty cakes, icing them and then putting them on the end of a stick. A variety of sliced fruit would also be an ideal addition to the food table. As for the drinks, grape juice or punch with lemonade, looks authentic.  You could even draw or paste small cut outs of a skull and crossbones on their mugs with their name on it.

Pirate Party Games

The treasure hunt game is always the highlight of any pirate party, as they hunt for hidden treasure. Have clues ready for the guests to go and find their hidden treasure. Your guests can either find their own treasure, or you could divide them into groups or teams, giving them a clue each and together they have to find the hidden treasure.

A pirate party is so much fun, and when you plan well, you and your guests will have a fantastic time, one that you will remember for a long time to come.