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Riley and Mema

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Painting and Cardboard Craft Display

Do you have a pre-schooler who loves to paint? Do you have lots of cardboard crafts and paintings that need to be displayed?  When children go to playgroup and pre-school, they accumulate a large number of paintings and sometimes it is hard to know what to do with them, especially when the budding artist wants to keep them all.  Here are a few suggestions…

Hanging Cardboard Crafts.

We have chosen some string and attached it to two hooks. Choose your hooks according to the type of wall you have. Here we have a painted brick wall and we have glued the hooks to the wall. Make sure the wall is clean, to help the hooks stick better.

Use brightly colored pegs to attach the paintings and cardboard crafts. The pegs can be found at most craft shops or $2 shops.

The paintings can now be proudly displayed for all the see.

Cardboard Craft Wall Collage.

Another way to display a large number of paintings and activities produced by our children is to make up a wall collage.

Here we have used a large mesh or fishing net  which is nailed to the wall between the bricks. We then used paper clips to hold the paintings on.

This is an excellent way to display themed stories, as we’ve done here based on creation, and added pictures of animals and trees.

How To Make A Crown Out Of Cardboard Craft

Making A Crown.

You will need:

Cardboard, pencil, ruler

Scissors, glue, sticky tape, staples (optional)

Small amount of hat elastic (optional)

Decoration: stars, stickers, glitter or glue glitter

Color pencils, textas or paint (If painting crowns, allow time for paint to dry)

This is an excellent cardboard craft for children. Younger children who are not up to using scissors may need their crown cut out for them and then they can decorate it themselves.  An older child could cut out their own crown before decorating.

Measure the length of the cardboard to fit around the child’s head and add 3 cm for overlap. On the cardboard draw an outline of the crown in pencil.

The children can decorate their crowns with stars, stickers and glitter or they could paint or color with textas or pencils.  When decorating is finished, measure the crown around the child’s head for size, then join the crown together with sticky tape.

A Crown Fit for a King

This is an excellent activity for Old Testament stories that involve a king: eg King David. The child will also enjoy having something that looks good to take home with them and show to their parents.

Note:  Staples do a good job at holding the crown together, but make sure that you cover the staples with sticky tape so that the staples don’t catch in the child’s hair.  Ouch!! Alternatively, attach the staples from the inside, and then the open edge of the staple is on the outside of the crown.

The blue crown is made out of patterned or textured cardboard, with silver cardboard flowers glued on.  Allow an extra 2cm of cardboard at the back, and bend the cardboard back. This is held together with staples and then hat elastic is threaded through to make the crown “one size fits all” size. If you don’t have hat elastic, a large elastic band would work just as well.  Just add it before you staple the back piece.

Children will enjoy parading around, showing off their crown!