Riley and Mema

Riley and Mema

I love having fun with my grandsons, so much for them to experience and learn.


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Bath Time Fun

One of the most fantastic activities I’ve done with kids is this one…bath time fun. Just look at the smile on his face, he is loving every moment of it.

Colored Ice Cubes is a fun activity that helps the child in learning his colors and learning about cold.

He is intrigued as he watches the ice disappear while he holds it in his hands. He has fun chasing it around the bath and watching it as it keeps getting smaller.

When he catches it, you guessed it, he puts it in his mouth. Good thing it is just food coloring and water!

I’d better get some ready for the next time he visits!

Just a couple of drops of food coloring is all that is required to make this fantastic activity for young children. Plan ahead and have it in the freezer waiting for the young visitor to arrive, guaranteed you will have lots of fun together!

Fun Candy Craft Ideas

Jelly Bean Bracelet

An exciting candy craft for young children and they will enjoy eating their bracelet afterwards.

* A packet of jelly beans
* A needle and thimble
* Cotton or thin hat elastic. (I used 4 threads of cotton)

Push needle through each jelly bean and watch your bracelet grow.

This is another opportunity to talk about colors with your preschooler as you add each jelly bean.

Assistance is required for young children with this activity

NOTE:  An alternative for younger children is to use life savers or fruit loops and then the child can thread them without using a needed.

Teaching Colors through Red Color Day

Have a color day (or week, or once a week) to help children learn their colors.

For a RED day, the child could wear a red shirt or red shorts.

When eating point out all the RED foods, watermelon, apple.

Do RED activities, paintings with an emphasis on RED, try making RED playdough. Pick out the RED toys.

Add RED liquid bubble bath to their evening bath.

Throughout the day point out everything that is RED. Soon your child will follow your example, and look for the RED colors in their day.

Be innovative, find other items that are RED, there are lots around the house. A fun way for children to learn colors.

Follow other days with other colors.  Learning should be fun for kids, help them to enjoy learning colors.

Teaching Colors to Children

Colored Pegs.

While encouraging children to be part of all household activities, you can still be teaching colors to them.  Family life is about being, doing and working together, helping each other and having fun doing it, regardless of the activity.

When you hang out the washing, encourage children to “help” you by handing you the pegs as you put them on the clothes line.  Tell them the color of the peg as they give it to you.  It won’t be long before they will be telling you each color.