Riley and Mema

Riley and Mema

I love having fun with my grandsons, so much for them to experience and learn.


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Kids Cardboard Craft Alternative for Bon Bons

I always enjoy home crafted items in preference to off-the-shelf, mass-produced stuff, and this is a fantastic activity to do with kids.  It is simple to make, requires minimal supplies and the finished product can be filled with other fun stuff. It is best to do over a number of sessions to allow paint and glue to dry.6DC93YNJAUYQ
Directions:  I used 2 empty toilet rolls and painted them red and then covered with silver glitter, and left them to dry. For larger binoculars you can chose to use kitchen paper towel cardboard centres, which would allow for larger items to be included inside.
To make the eye piece end, I used foam strips, approx 1cm wide and glued around each end of the toilet rolls. To hold them in place while the glue set, I used elastic bands. Then I put a hole on each side of the toilet roll and threaded the ribbon through, which was long enough to hold the binoculars together, but not long enough to be a choke hazzard.
This next step was carried out with a hand punch, which allowed me to make a neat hole in the side of the cardboard toilet rolls, and then I used the tweezers to pull the ribbon through. I then tied the ribbon together in the centre, covering the ends and making it look neat.
Finally, I added a couple of fun bits for the kids to enjoy. I chose small, inexpensive items that would fit neatly inside the cardboard toilet rolls, though the noise of my suggestions might annoy the adults. I chose these items as I have 3 grandsons, however if you have some granddaughters, you could include some girly items, such as necklace and bracelet or hair ribbons.
Here is the finished product: a fun project for anyone to make and enjoy.
Although this is an ideal Christmas activity, it can also be used for other occasions.

Christmas Cardboard Craft Bon Bons

Here is an alternative idea for bon bons at Christmas time. I enjoy hand crafted items and this year I’ve replaced “off the shelf” bon bons with these very easy, delightful, home-crafted items. I used green paper, which is slightly thicker than normal paper, yet not quite cardboard as it still needed to be flexible.  The dimensions of the paper/card was 155mm x 295mm. Fold in half and glue along the long edge and one of the small edges.

I added an assortment of trinkets to make it fun, including a puzzle and instructions of how to make a paper plane. On Christmas Day we sit around chatting, and so I’ve included a couple of things to keep the fingers busy. We have 3 small grandsons, and I know they will love the paper planes just as much as the adults.

Lastly, I added a sticker and then glued the final side. As our table cloth will be red and white,  I made these items in green. Can’t wait to see the table decorated.

Cardboard Craft Christmas Decorations

The lead up to Christmas Day can be a lot of fun when you include children in the planning and preparation. Making cardboard crafts together, to decorate the tree and the house is one way of doing this. Children love to be involved, and to feel important and needed, and that what they do is of value.


  • Thin colored cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Fine string
  • Paper punch (to make hole)

This is a very simple activity that can be used to decorate the tree, or use as a card for a present by writing on the back.  I have used gold and silver cardboard and white string.

Star Decoration.

This decoration looks impressive when finished and yet so very simple.

Use a range of different colored cardboard and different textures and thickness. Make the stars different sizes and space them out a little.

String them together on colored cord or string.

If you have some stars left over, they can also be used to write on and used as tags to go on a Christmas present.

Cardboard Crafts for Christmas

Why buy mass produced Christmas decorations when you can make individually crafted decorations with your children at home? Making cardboard crafts for Christmas is an excellent way to have fun with your kids and then having their craft work decorating your home.

Here are four distinctive, easy to make items, that your children will enjoy making and you will enjoy displaying.


This is an usual star, a bit more decorative looking than one just cut out of cardboard.  Using thin cardboard, cut out to a triangle shape and then fold as shown in the diagram.

It is one that you will be proud to display around your home this Christmas.

Here is a picture of the star before it is assembled and another when it is finished ready to hang.

Glue star together to hold in place and then decorate with glitter or alternatively, use colored cardboard. Looks quite impressive.


Cutout Cardboard Angel CraftVery simple for young children to make.

  • thin cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter for decoration

An excellent decoration for the Christmas tree or mantle. Children will enjoy making their angel and seeing him decorating their home, for all to admire!


This is a very simple decoration, that your children will enjoy making.

Fold one piece of paper several times, preferably so it has five fold lines. I fold it in half and then in three, making six Christmas trees. Then draw a Christmas tree or desired picture on the front.

When you draw your picture, make sure you leave some sections of the fold, as this is what holds the trees together.

Cut it out and open up.

To make your lovely string of Christmas trees just waiting to decorate your home, you will need:

  • scissors
  • thin cardboard or paper
  • glitter can be used for decorating

Children always enjoy seeing their artwork displayed.  This string of Christmas trees is one that they will be proud to show off, as it looks so good.

This activity can be used to make any shape you like: snowmen, stars, balls.  Just draw your picture, cut it out, perhaps add a bit of decoration, and you’ve got your masterpiece!


This is a fun activity, as well as useful, creating your own bon bons. They can be made from paper, or material serviettes as I have used here. Look for useful toys or puzzles to add, something that people can fiddled with and be challenged by, during the day.

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Paper or material for wrapping
  • Gift to be put inside
  • Print an amusing quote or joke to be included inside bonbon.
  • Ribbon for tying at each end.

Making cardboard crafts as Christmas decorations is all about having fun together.

Christmas can be a fun time, enjoy your Christmas preparations with your children as well as your Christmas Day.

How To Make A Cardboard Snowman Craft

Wanting to make a  Cardboard Snowman Craft? Then try one of these fun activities for children.

* Thin white cardboard, compass
* Scissors, glue, cotton wool balls
* Red and black paint
* Red ribbon for scarf
* Yellow paper or thin cardboard for hat.

Using your compass, draw 2 circles on white cardboard,  one approximately 11cm diameter for the head, and the other approximately 17cm diameter for the body. Cut them out and overlap them slightly, gluing them together.

Cover the head and body of the snowman in cotton wool.  Add the scarf. I  used glue to keep the scarf in place as I couldn’t get it to stay there on its own.

Paint cotton wool balls with black paint for eyes and buttons. Use another cotton wool ball and pull into the shape of a mouth and paint red.

Finish him off by adding his hat. His hat is made up of two pieces of card, the top one is rectangle and the brim of the hat has a slit in it to allow the top piece to slide into.

Snowman Craft for Young Children.

This is an excellent craft for encouraging young children learning to paint and glue, developing their fine motor skills. A very simple craft for little hands.

Draw the outline of the snowman and then encourage your pre-schooler to use his imagination to decorate his snowman using paints, glue, cotton balls, glitter  and crepe paper.

Snowman Craft in a Sock

This snowman craft looks absolutely fantastic and so much fun to make.

You will need:

* 1 white sock
* 1/3 cup rice
* padding
* small strip of red fleecy for scarf
* 2 sticks for arms

Color the end of the sock and allow to dry. This will become the Snowman’s hat.

Put the rice into the sock first, which will help to hold the snowman stable. Then add plenty of padding and push the snowman into shape.

Add two elastic bands which will divide the head from the body.

Pull down the colored end of the sock and then turn half back up, to form the snowman’s hat.

Add his scarf, and draw on face and buttons. Add 2 sticks to form his arms. Use scissors to make 2 small holes in the side of the sock so you can push the sticks in.


The elastic bands add shape to your snowmanA stunning looking snowman's hat.