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Riley and Mema

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Cardboard Crafts for Christmas

Why buy mass produced Christmas decorations when you can make individually crafted decorations with your children at home? Making cardboard crafts for Christmas is an excellent way to have fun with your kids and then having their craft work decorating your home.

Here are four distinctive, easy to make items, that your children will enjoy making and you will enjoy displaying.


This is an usual star, a bit more decorative looking than one just cut out of cardboard.  Using thin cardboard, cut out to a triangle shape and then fold as shown in the diagram.

It is one that you will be proud to display around your home this Christmas.

Here is a picture of the star before it is assembled and another when it is finished ready to hang.

Glue star together to hold in place and then decorate with glitter or alternatively, use colored cardboard. Looks quite impressive.


Cutout Cardboard Angel CraftVery simple for young children to make.

  • thin cardboard
  • scissors
  • glue
  • glitter for decoration

An excellent decoration for the Christmas tree or mantle. Children will enjoy making their angel and seeing him decorating their home, for all to admire!


This is a very simple decoration, that your children will enjoy making.

Fold one piece of paper several times, preferably so it has five fold lines. I fold it in half and then in three, making six Christmas trees. Then draw a Christmas tree or desired picture on the front.

When you draw your picture, make sure you leave some sections of the fold, as this is what holds the trees together.

Cut it out and open up.

To make your lovely string of Christmas trees just waiting to decorate your home, you will need:

  • scissors
  • thin cardboard or paper
  • glitter can be used for decorating

Children always enjoy seeing their artwork displayed.  This string of Christmas trees is one that they will be proud to show off, as it looks so good.

This activity can be used to make any shape you like: snowmen, stars, balls.  Just draw your picture, cut it out, perhaps add a bit of decoration, and you’ve got your masterpiece!


This is a fun activity, as well as useful, creating your own bon bons. They can be made from paper, or material serviettes as I have used here. Look for useful toys or puzzles to add, something that people can fiddled with and be challenged by, during the day.

  • Cardboard rolls
  • Paper or material for wrapping
  • Gift to be put inside
  • Print an amusing quote or joke to be included inside bonbon.
  • Ribbon for tying at each end.

Making cardboard crafts as Christmas decorations is all about having fun together.

Christmas can be a fun time, enjoy your Christmas preparations with your children as well as your Christmas Day.

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