Riley and Mema

Riley and Mema

I love having fun with my grandsons, so much for them to experience and learn.


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Birthday Card Cardboard Crafts

This is an activity you can do yourself, or you can assist your pre-schooler to make one of himself which he will delight in giving to Grandparents or someone special in their life. Either way, it is a lovely card and you will be pleased with the outcome. It can be a card for any occasion, ie thinking of you, happy father’s day, announcing birth of a baby, Christmas card, etc.  Just change the wording to suit the occasion.

The picture is placed on a piece of coloured card with approx 5mm around the edge of the picture showing, then glue to white sheet of card. This can be glued on square, or try it on a slight angle as this helps if the card isn’t exact. Alternatively, use card same size or have 5mm of white card showing around the edge.

Note: Use thin cardboard as there will be 4 layers by the time it is finished.

Do a hand print or a foot print of your child on paper. Allow to dry, then cut the sheet slightly smaller than the top half of the card. You will still have plenty of space to write your note on the bottom half of the card.

It is a beautiful gift, very easy and quick to make, costs little, yet has lasting value.

Tip: Scoring the cardboard before folding in half, makes it easier to fold. Scoring means cutting only part way through the cardboard, (on the outer side of the cardboard) then folding, giving a very neat and clean fold.

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