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I love having fun with my grandsons, so much for them to experience and learn.


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Peppa Pig Games

When my grandson was celebrating his 3rd birthday, he wanted a party with Peppa Pig and we had lots of fun putting it together. The Peppa Pig Party food was scrumptious and the games were a heap of fun. We chose 4 fun games, which proved to be sufficient for the occasion. If you’re planning a Peppa Pig party, then try some of these fun games and make your party sensational.

1. Muddy Puddles. This is a great game for young children and very similar to musical chairs.

Have a brown piece of paper which will become the puddle; you will need one for each child, and then take one puddle out, so that you are one short.

While playing your Peppa Pig music, ask the children to walk in a large circle around the puddles. When the music stops each child must find a paper puddle to jump into. The child that doesn’t have a puddle is out.

To help avoid some tears, it is a good idea to give each child a small “prize” when they’re out.

After each round, take away one puddle, so that you have one more child than puddles. The last person still in, is the winner.

KidsBlogImagePPLootBagA022. Treasure Hunt. This was a great activity game and the kids loved it. We made most of the items ourselves, which was fun and also a good way of helping to keep the cost down. As none of our children could read, we did everything by pictures.

We gave each of the children a loot bag. We took a picture of 10 different locations, wrote a number on the back of each picture and gave them to 10 different adults.

Firstly, the children had to find the adult that had the picture with the number 1 written on the back of the picture. The picture told the child where to find the box with the loot inside. When they found the box, each child took one item from the box and put it in their loot bag. They then went to find the adult that had the picture with the number 2 written on the back.

By the time the children had found the 10 boxes they had a good sized loot bag to take home with them. Some of the items they collected along the way were:

3. Pin the Tail on Peppa Pig. We had a lot of fun making our own Peppa Pig.

At the party, we gave each child a pipe cleaner and asked them to make their own tail. We then attached a piece of sticky tape to the end of the tail.

We put a blind fold on the first child, spun the child around gently once or twice, and then faced him in the direction of Peppa Pig. Each child put their tail where they thought it should go on Peppa Pig. When each child had their turn, the child who put the tail closest to where it should go, was the winner.

We asked one of the adults to go first, to show the children what would happen when we put the blindfold on, and then they would know what to expect. Don’t forget to give a prize to the child who wins the game.

4. Throwing the Gumboots. This was a fun game and the children loved throwing the gumboots. Before the day we collected all the gumboots we could find.

We put some orange cones in a row and the children were to stand behind the cones. We put a bucket about 3 meters away and the children had to take turns throwing the gumboots. The child who got the most gumboots in the bucket was the winner.

Here are some of the favorite Peppa Pig episodes from Amazon.

Peppa Pig:  Muddy Puddles,  Peppa Pig: The Balloon Ride  and  Peppa Pig: Piggy in the Middle.

Peppa Pig Party Food and Fun

Children love watching the Peppa Pig Series.

Peppa Pig is a relatively new series aimed at young children with each episode lasting only five minutes.

My grandson wanted to invite Peppa Pig to his 3rd birthday party, and it was a lot of fun. Here is some of the preparations and craft activities we did for the occasion.

If you’re planning a Peppa Pig party and wanting to include games, then try some of these fun Peppa Pig games that are certain to entertain young children.


We made our own invitations and our 3 year old joined in and helped with coloring, painting and glue-ing. He loves moving eyes, so we made sure we had some on every invitation. He had lots of fun making them, and so did we.


This is our beautiful birthday cake of Peppa Pig.

It was a marble cake with the decoration extending beyond the cake and covering the board as well. We put it in the middle of the food table, and it looked fantastic.


We made a backdrop, painting it blue and green, and added the sun. A great craft activity to include our almost 3 year old as well. It looked great behind the food table.

My grandson loves fruit and we included a variety of fresh fruit. We used a small star shaped cutter to make lots of watermelon stars. The kids loved eating the watermelon stars.

We made fruit kebabs. These were a little time consuming, but they did look fantastic and well worth the effort. Both the watermelon stars and the fruit kebabs looked best when served on white plates.

We also made star-shaped sprinkle sandwiches. A large star shaped cutter was used. They were super simple to make, they looked fantastic and they passed the test…. the kids loved them.

Did I mention that my grandson loves fruit? Well, we also included little fruit baskets. These baskets looked great on the table and the children kept going back for more. Who says that children have to eat a lot of sugar at birthday parties!

The coconuts were a beautiful addition. We bought 12 of them, cut off the top, added a straw and an umberella and put them on the table. These were enjoyed by both children and adults.

DRINKS ON ICE. A few days before the party, we filled some brightly colored balloons with water and put them in the freezer. On the day of the party we put the drinks in an open esky and added the ice balloons, to help keep the drinks cold. Next time I will make some smaller ones as well. The bright colours looked great in the esky!

BALLOONS. I love balloons, and we had plenty of them, adding lots of color.

Here are three of the best Peppa Pig dvd’s on Amazon: Muddy Puddles, My Birthday Party and The Balloon Ride. Each of them would make a fantastic present for a 2 or 3 year old.

It turned out to be a fantastic day and we all enjoyed it. Hope you are able to find some ideas here for your next Peppa Pig themed birthday party.

Thomas Games

When children watch the Thomas and friends videos, they enter into the world of  Sir Topham Hatt and Thomas the Tank Engine on the Island of Sodor. Children watch as the child-like characters go through their activities learning about emotions and how to deal with them in ways that are appropriate. They learn about relationships, getting along with others and working together.

When playing Thomas the train games on the computer, children test their skills while learning about colors and shapes, telling time, counting, sorting and matching. Thomas and friends games encourage children in honing their fine motor skills. Thomas the train toys encourage children in their imagination while playing. Trackmaster Thomas brings the characters to life as the motorized engines zoom around the track.

In whatever ways your child enjoys Thomas the Tank Engine, he will be learning and having fun at the same time.

1. Thomas and Friends Station Stop Matching Game

Children will enjoy playing on the four lotto style game boards as well as matching the tiles featuring 36 of every young child’s favorite friends from the Thomas and Friends series. Preschoolers will be delighted as they match the identical pictures, whereas the older players can test their skills in playing the memory and what’s missing games in this collection of Thomas and friends games.

The Thomas and Friends Station Stop Matching Game caters for children from 2 to 5 years of age and is a multiple award winner for being the best toy.

2. Thomas And Friends: Special Delivery [Old Version]

This computer game includes 6 engaging activities that will challenge and entertain young children, and while your children are learning, they will be having fun at the same time. This cd teaches children all kinds of memory skills: shape sorting, logic and deduction, following directions, reading the time, observing and counting.

Children choose a train, and then help their chosen character to work through each of the activities. When the assignments are completed, you can print out a personalized certificate of achievement for your child. Thomas the train games bring fun, excitement and learning together.


3. Thomas and Friends: Ultimate Christmas Collection

This is one of the top Thomas and Friends Videos. It is a collection of all the favourite episodes of Thomas and Friends. Children love watching Thomas and his friends get into trouble, as well as watching the child-like engines trying to find a way out of their predicament.

When watching the Thomas and his friends videos, children learn about relationships and emotions and how to get along with others.

4. Thomas and Friends: TrackMaster Talking Flynn

Thomas the train toys are great fun for young children, and the TrackMaster Talking Flynn is a perfect addition to your child’s trackmaster set which comes with his own cargo car.

The Trackmaster Talking Flynn is a motorized engine and children can watch him go puffing around the tracks as well as hear the chugging sound effects, signature phrases and whistles.


Thomas and His Friends

5. Blue Mountain Mystery (Thomas & Friends) (Little Golden Book)

In this story, Thomas is racing to solve the Blue Mountain Mystery. And as usual, Thomas does his best to solve every problem he meets on his way. This story shows that we all encounter problems and we must face them and look for the answers, and sometimes look for creative ways to solve them.

Thomas is an adventurous engine, yet sometimes makes foolish decisions and he  must face the consequences. Join Thomas and his friends in this fun filled book for young children.


TrackMaster Thomas

6. TrackMaster Thomas: Zip, Zoom, and Logging Adventure
and the Zip, Zoom and Logging Adventure train set encourages children to re-enact the adventures of Thomas in the Misty Island Rescue. Watch Thomas climb the steep track and then continue along the track as it winds around and then soars on a zip line and through the tree trunk tunnel.

You can even send Thomas to a powered train log mill, where the motor will move the logs up to the conveyor belt, by just using the switch track. Another feature of this TrackMaster Thomas set is the little engineer-powered splitter which splits logs and loads Thomas up, then sends the train on his way.

Thomas the Train Games

Top 5 Computer Thomas the Train Games

Thomas the train has been a favourite among children for many years. The creators of Thomas has been able to capture the imagination of children and take them into the world of Thomas and his friends on the Island of Sodor.

Here children see how the “child-like” characters interact with others, how they express their feelings and why they feel the way they do. Children then understand happy, mad, glad and sad. They watch the characters who are feeling these emotions and how they affect other people. Children learn that there are times when they too need to say sorry and thankyou. There will be times when they will feel sad, mad, glad and afraid and will need to express this in words and ways that are appropriate. Thomas and his friends help children understand some of those valuable life lessons. As well as this…..children love Thomas!


Thomas and Friends DVD Bingo Game

What a fun way to teach matching, color and numbers skills to young children.

Thomas and Friends DVD bingo game is a fun game for children, whether they are playing on their own or with their friends, and because it is compact you can pack it up and take it with you in its own little carry case. This narrated game allows children to play the popular bingo game with or without adult supervision. A great way to entertain Thomas fans.


LeapFrog® Leapster® Learning Game Thomas & Friends Calling All Engines!

A hurricane has left damage on the Island of Sodor, and Sir Topham Hatt needs help to restore the Island to its former glory. Will you help him?

The airport needs rebuilding and Harold needs help in picking up the barrels. Sir Topham Hatts can’t set his watch and the Engines must be on time. Children will learn to tell the time, counting and basic word recognition for both preschoolers and children in kindergarten. They will learn about working together as a team and helping each other. A fun game for everyone who plays.

Thomas & Friends: The Great Festival Adventure

So much to do for the upcoming festival, and Thomas and his friends are very busy. The engines must be ready as well as getting set up for the festival. Working through the seven locations, there is so much to see and do at every stop. Can you help them?

With the help of Thomas, this educational computer game helps children learn about matching colors and shapes and counting. Ideal for preschoolers, it will keep them entertained as they easily manouver through the game, building on their computer skills.


Thomas and Friends – Trouble on the Tracks

Trouble on the Track is an exciting adventure for those who are 3 years  and older. A fantastic game for all who love Thomas and his friends. James needs help after he is derailed. Can you help him get back onto the track?

Teamwork is paramount and children learn the importance of working together and that everyone is needed. So much to learn as you work through the levels with increasing difficulty. Definitely lots of fun on the tracks.

Thomas And Friends: Special Delivery

Children chose their favourite engine and then navigate their way around the game looking for James.

This is another game in the Thomas and Friends range that is excellent in teaching color, counting, matching and observation skills to young children. Children also learn many skills in building and forming relationships and the importance of working together, as they watch Thomas and friends interact with each other.

Thomas the Train Toys

Thomas and his friends brings smiles, fun and laughter to young children. Thomas is a fun place for children as they watch the trains and characters interact with each other, as they bump into each other physically and emotionally, and how they deal with these emotions. Children watch as the characters work through their differences, their problems and their frustrations and forge friendships. Children learn by example, and this is a fun way for children to learn about friendship, teamwork and care for self and others. Here are some fun toys that will encourage your children on their journey with Thomas and his friends.

Thomas the Train: Follow Me Thomas is a fun toy for preschoolers. When your little engineer turns the lantern on and points it to the floor, it will guide the way for Thomas to follow. Keep moving the lantern and Thomas will keep following. Now you can take Thomas with you wherever you go, just keep the light from the lantern in front of Thomas, and your preschooler will have so much fun having Thomas the Tank Engine follow him.


Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – James the Red Engine

James is the bright red engine with gold stripes and carries the number 5. James is a proud engine and considers himself better than the other engines. He can, at times, be vain and boastful. It was only after he had been been stuck and needed to be rescued by Diesel, was he prepared to apologise and admit that Diesel’s weren’t too bad. It wasn’t an easy lesson for him. Although James can pull both passenger and freight cars, he prefers to pull passenger cars.


100 Piece Wooden Train Track Pack

This wooden train track pack, is fully compatible with the Thomas & Friends wooden railway system,  and is made by Right Track. These train tracks fit with all major brands of trains and track. This package contains one hundred pieces of wooden train tracks, including curved and straight pieces, which allows you to make lots of different configerations. The track is of good quality and great value.

Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Percy The Small Engine

Percy is the saddle tank engine, with green and red stripes and carries the number 6. Percy is young and cheeky and likes to tease the other engines. He is a happy little engine and enjoys working around the yard, always happy to oblige. He often has trouble pronouncing words and makes some mistakes. Percy is also accident prone.


KidKraft Waterfall Mountain Train Set and Table

This is a fabulous little table for children to build their own Island of Sodor. The table is a great height for young children, and they can play with their trains and toys without tripping on when as they do when they’re on the floor. This table is sturdy, durable and compatible with wooden Thomas and Brio tracks and train sets and excellent value.


Thomas And Friends Wooden Railway – Gordon The Big Express Engine

Gordon is the fastest engine on the Island of Sodor, he is also the most powerful. Gordon is good-hearted and likes to help others, but usually to show how strong he is. Gordon tends to look down on the smaller engines and thinks he should get all the jobs that have some prestige associated with it.